Instagram, Ballet Slippers and Aerial Frustrations

Good afternoon dancers and dance enthusiasts! So I decided to make a big change in my life and turn my Instagram into it’s own special place for my dance and life journey. I used to have it just for aerial dance (which I’ll still post a little bit of) and pole fitness, but I feel like even though I been pole and ballet, some people might think of me as something I am not (you get where I’m going here…) because of it. It leads to frustration, anxiety, and a feeling of not knowing what is appropriate to post, especially if young dancers are following me. Though I know I am just performing an art, many people don’t approve (I was unfriended by family members over it…) So you can officially follow my dancing and lifestyle at I’ll be keeping my aerial posts to a minimum since I don’t really do it much anymore due to lack of training facilities, working full time, and starting my photography business. Ballet and lyrical dancing at this point(e) is becoming much more meaningful to me now that I have the means to take class regularly, and the aerial scene is becoming difficult because there are no studios close enough to allow for regular practice and there are too many politics, and favoritism in the competition scene that will probably stop me from taking the stage again. I’m sad, but I have to understand and let it go.

In the meantime, I finally solved my flat shoe dilemma with the Gaynor Minden Joy slipper! What a Joy they are! Nice and flat on the bottom, so when balancing I have no annoying lump trying to throw me to the floor. The past week I have held my balances in relevé sturdier and stronger than ever before. I may have even shocked and impressed myself! I purchased them in 2 sizes, the 39 and 40. I felt the 39’s were too small and restricting my toe movement, but now they are broken in and feel better. I’m wearing the 40’s at home until they are broken in more because they feel a little wobbly right now, but I’m sure I will like them better when they are broken in.

Tonight I am trying out the intermediate/advance class at the suggestion of my teacher. I’m kind of scared, but I’m at a level where I don’t really fit anywhere. There are still basic movements across the floor I never was taught when I started that confuse me (I’m a very visual and kind of slow learner), but I also don’t need a 90 minute class of just barre with long explanations that are given to beginners. I can dance confidently on pointe (minus pirouettes!) but have lost a lot of stamina since college and gaining 20 lbs. I have lots of work to do, diet included but I love candy. I hope you enjoy reading (of anyone is reading haha) my posts about my journey, I can’t wait to see where it can take me!

xx Alicia


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