I literally just deleated the most depressing post I would probably ever write. It was last week I started it and never got around to finishing because I felt so sad. We all have those days right? When we feel like we art life’s third wheel and don’t fit in anywhere? Well, needless to say, if I had posted it I probably would have gone back and got rid of it anyway, because those are not the kind of vibes I’m trying to bring into my life!! 👍🏻

The end of last week I had a massive migraine for 3 days, and it was awful! I’m training for a 10 miler and half marathon and missed 2 run days on my schedule due to the headache 😖. The worst! Anyway, I’m back on track with that and have a 5 mile run today after work. My body has been in so much pain from working out lately, that I haven’t been dancing, and started again last Thurdsday. I felt stiff and sore, but otherwise I don’t think it was too tragic (maybe from everyone else in the class’s point of view haha). But I’m glad to start working ballet back into my schedule, I think I’ll stick to once or twice a week until the 10 miler, because I have to stay flexible and definitely noticed my turn out suffering. After tonight’s run I’m going to do a great long stretch and maybe a very basic barre.

Speaking of body pain, I have not been able to sleep a wink because of my old, hard mattress! I woke up in such agony this morning, tossing and turning all week, that on my lunch break I went to Cardi’s and laid on all the plush mattresses in the store. Kind of pathetically desperate to get a good nights sleep, I bought one and it’s being delivered tomorrow! Horay!! Now I have to clean my house, because between my ballet barre, photography equipment, painting supplies, and clothes and other random stuff piling up, they probably can’t even get to my room with it! 

Oh and painting! I’ve been finding a little time to get back into that as well! I went to see Boston Ballet do Swan Lake this weekend (look out for my next At The Ballet! Post) and was so inspired I painted a white swan vs black swan theme on an old pair of pointe shoes. I think I finally figured out what to do with them when they die! Maybe they will go on my Etsy shop???

See you at the barre!

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