Back to the Barre! | Adult Ballerina Blog

Well I finally have some good news, I got a job! Back to my previous company but in another department and still doing design, and the same pay rate so I can afford ballet again!!!! I can’t wait to be back!

At the same time of feeling success, I can’t help but feeling sad. I’ve wanted my job back for so long, mainly because it’s semi secure income and a good pay rate, plus I’m getting the coveted industry experience needed for even better jobs. The first few days I was excited and very happy, but today I feel sad. Having to go back to waking up early, spending hours commuting with angry rush hour drivers, and sitting at a desk all day instead of working out, making art and trying to figure out how to gain clients in my photography business. I guess the last one is the worst, I feel like I’ve failed in getting by business off the ground while I had time off. With all the time off I should be a marketing wizard and be getting inquiries daily and booking clients! But I’m not and I don’t understand why. I know it’s not my quality of work, but getting in front of people who are looking for photography services. I feel like I failed myself and my true calling to go back to slaving to “the man” that is corporate business that is only another temp contract.

On the plus side, I have my ballet schedule all laid out and am about to go to some barre and pointe strength exercises so I don’t go back to class weak and terrible! It will be so good to go back to the studio again, even if I do make a fool of myself forgetting combos most of the time, maybe some day I’ll fit in!

8 thoughts on “Back to the Barre! | Adult Ballerina Blog

    1. I did pancake them! I just used the lightest shade of foundation (lighter than my skin tone, because it looks much darker on the shoes than on my skin)! It was maybelline fit me matte and poreless in porcelain. I had it laying around from Halloween when I had to be pale, but when I used my current color it came out extremely dark and didn’t match my skin tone at all so I went over it with the light one and it was perfect! I’ve also used a combo of shoe whitener and calamine lotion successfully and it blends better with tights because of the pinky tone to it. I experimented on old shoes before applying it to the ones I wear thankfully!

      1. Thanks so much for the tips!! I’ll have to try it on an old pair first. My shoes are really dirty, so I think pancaking them might help.

        I think I’d like a more pinky version, did you just mix half/half calamine lotion and shoe whitener?

      2. No problem! I may blog about it in the future, I personally like the aesthetic of pancaked shoes better anyway 😊😊. I think I did 3 parts calamine one part whitener, and I got everything at the drugstore so it was easy.

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