Back at the Barre | Adventures in Adult Ballet

I’ve been quite absent from ballet since around March for several reasons. First was that I had to plan for a big move! My Mom was going to sell (and has since sold) her house, meaning all my stored childhood things needed to find homes (preferably not in my apartment which doesn’t have much storage space)!

Second was a nagging SI joint injury I have been trying to treat with chiropractic care and massage. Sadly the pain is still there but being away from dance hurts more! I have been avidly going to the gym and still doing aerial (pole and hammock) so much strength was not lost but my turn out muscles are like Helooooooooo!

My new apartment has a glorious small studio space in the gym with a perfect floor and beautiful mirrors. The only thing missing is a barre, so I’ve been improvising with the wall and door handles! It makes the perfect space for watching class videos and even working on pointe.

Breaking out the pointe shoes made me a little nervous because after having an extreme case of hand, foot and mouth my feet lost most of their calluses. I was surprised to see my trusty shoes still felt like we had never parted!

Shoe note! While I loveeeee my Suffolk Stellars, I definitely need a good shoe trip because I’ve been dying to try some of their newer models like the Sonnet, Spotlight, and Sterling!

That’s it for now! I have some videos coming soon so join me on YouTube at

And Instagram at!

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