New Ballet Class! | Adult Ballet Blog

Even though I’ve been super busy with work and stress, I deserve a couple hours off at night to get back to ballet! My Aunt has been attending a class (which is pretty close to where I just moved!) for the past year and a half and has been raving about how awesome the teacher is, how there’s no egos and how she loves it. So I bit the bullet and allowed myself a break in my day now that I’m kinda caught up on some work, and took the class!

Well she was right, the teacher was magnificent! She made me laugh, had great corrections and the level was absolutely perfect for me. Most of the advance classed I’d been attending with my friend would often leave me frustrated and feeling down on myself. Unlike a lot of those girls I never danced as a kid, I did gymnastics and picked ballet up at 21. Gymnastics definitely helped me advance to pointe fairly quickly because of the strength and flexibility, but once I was bored in the beginner classes (even on pointe) and there was nothing else that introduced harder moves (you were just expected to know them) I felt out of my league because I’d never been actually taught. The combos were also long and difficult because there were so many steps I didn’t know!

This class was perfect. It was challenging enough for me to break a sweat and refine my skills, but not too challenging where I would feel bad about not knowing the steps.

Oh and the bonus? We get to be in the recital at the end of the season!!!!

Happy Dancing!


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