My name is Alicia, and I have been studying dance and acrobatics since I was 3. I have studied ballet, lyrical and contemporary dance, as well as gymnastics. I have been doing aerial silks and Lyra for artistic expression for 7 years and

love to compete and perform. I started ballet and gymnastics at 3 but mainly competed as a gymnast through high school. After that I was lost until I discovered aerial dance which led me to try some adult ballet at 22. It was love at first plié! I became obsessed and determine to learn as much as I could and progress as much as possible. Due to going back to school and job instability, I have had many interruptions in my training, but now I am as dedicated as ever at 30! I create my own destiny and will be the exception to the standard! I currently dance 3-4 times a week in Rhode Island and Massachuessets and cross train at home with running, yoga, Pilates, barre, and intense stretching. I am a part of Kathryn Morgan’s wonderful Facebook challenge group with dancers who have inspired me and motivated me to make my dreams a reality. I’m striving for progress not perfection, with hopes of dancing on a stage one day no matter how big or small!

Find me on:

Instagram @aliciaadances

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/righthereatthebarre

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