Shoe Review | New Suffolk Ballet Slipper | Adult Ballerina Blog

I’m always looking for the perfect ballet slipper that not only flatters the foot, but is a joy to dance in. We only want to worry about our dancing and shouldn’t have to worry about the gear we need making dancing harder. I’ve had so many issues with technique shoes, most having a lump or seams right under the ball of my foot, causing pain and throws off balance. The So Danca shoes I’ve been wearing for the past year so or have been the best I’ve found so far, but when I saw Sudfolk came out with a technique shoe (I wear and love their pointe shoes) I had to get them. They came in quickly and right before I had a morning class, so perfect to try! The first thing I noticed was there is a lovely scrunch under the arch that hugs and accentuates it, and feels pretty nice!

Granted I don’t have the best feet or highest arches, but these definitely look nice on me! The elastics are pre-sewn so it’s just slip them on and go which is great because sewing pointe shoes is enough for me. The material feels a little thinner than what I’m used to, but I liked it because I hardly felt the shoe being there.

Nothing was bunching or weird under the ball of my foot! Everything was nice and flat, perfect for balancing. And they stayed put in center, even during turns. I have nothing bad to say about these shoes and will definitely buy them again, and they will probably be my go-to technique shoes!